Tetra Pond SeasonStart 250 ml

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Herewith you ensure an optimal start into the pond season. The phosphate which has accumulated during the winter in your garden pond is reduced. At the same time Tetra Pond Season Start leading iron added as fertilizer.

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Tetra Pond SeasonStart provides an perfect start into the pond season.


  • contains essential minerals, trace elements and vitamins creating healthy living conditions for fish
  • reduces key algae nutrient phosphate that accumulates over the winter period
  • provides iron to promote plant grow
  • particulary easy and precis dosage

Shake bottle well before use.

Dosage (with dosage cup):

  • 50 ml for every 1000 litres
  • repeat dosage on a weekly basis until product is used up

For best results, distribute evenly in the water with a stick.

The effect of SeasonStart can be enhanced by a water ventilation system such as Tetra Pond APK 400.

Package size 250 ml
 Link to manufacturer Tetra

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Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 25.11.2014
Vey good, deincrease the levels of phosphate in the water and avoid the bloom of algae