Söll BioBooster

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Millarden von Teichbakterien. Hochaktive Bakterienkulturen zur Wasserreinigung. Unterstützt stark belastete Filtersysteme. Sofortige biologische Aktivität im neu angelegten Teich.

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Effect of Söll BioBooster

Söll BioBooster provides for the rapid creation of a balanced microbiology in ponds and supports the biological self-cleaning capacity of your habitat.

The Söll BioBooster technology uses natural and beneficial strains of bacteria that live for millions of years on Earth. We breed specifically different bacteria and bring them together in the correct proportions. As a result, creates a strong team for the degradation of organic and inorganic compounds. BioBooster thus serves to improve the water quality of your pond. Dosage Söll BioBooster

100 ml Söll BioBooster is sufficient for 3,000 l  liters of pond water.

BioBooster can be dosed directly into the pond water into the pond filter.

Söll BioBooster 500 ml is sufficient for 15,000 liters of pond water.

Use of Söll BioBooster in refilling the pond, after changing the filter / filter cleaning or disturbing the biological balance, which can be felt by "algal blooms".

Package size:
Söll BioBooster,250 ml for 7.500 l
SKU so-12632
Söll BioBooster,500 ml for 15.000 l
SKU so-58110
Söll BioBooster,2,5 l for 75.000 l
SKU so-14422
Söll BioBooster,5 l for 150.000 l
SKU so-10254
Söll BioBooster,10 l for 300.000 l
SKU so-10255
250 ml
500 ml
2,5 l
5 l
10 l
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Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 09.01.2015
Provides a lots of bacterias to complete the nytrogen cicle and keeps the clean