sera NH3/NH4-ammonium/ammonia Test

Item #: se-04910

Ammonium and ammonia mainly arise from fish waste. They are converted into each other depending on the pH value. Sufficient for approx. 60 measurements.

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While ammonium is mostly harmless, ammonia is toxic to fish.

The sera NH4/NH3-Test allows monitoring the total concentration of both (the actual ammonia level can be calculated according to the pH value the using the included chart).

In case of acute danger, sera toxivec (freshwater) or sera pond toxivec (pond) provide help.
sera bio nitrivec (freshwater), sera marin bio reefclear (marine water) or sera pond bio nitrivec (pond) actively counteract lasting enrichment of these substances.

Suitable for freshwater, marine water, garden pond
Product type test kit
Testparameter Ammonium NH4/NH3
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Leonardo Araujo dos writes: 28.10.2014
Good product, very important for fishes. Accurate.
Yon writes: 04.03.2014
Muy buen producto!
Ruben writes: 17.04.2013
Very accurate ammonia test,Sera quality,a must have in any aquarium.
Sarah writes: 01.03.2013
Very accurate and useful test, great addition to the Sera small test set box!
Oscar writes: 26.01.2013
Muy útil para saber el grado de madurez de nuestro acuario en el proceso de ciclado!ya que el amoniaco es mortal para nuestros peces!