Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter)

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Ideal für die Erstbefüllung von neuen Gartenteichen. Bereitet Leitungs-, Regen- und Brunnenwasser in artgerechtes Teichwasser auf. Entfernt schädliche Stoffe und Verbindungen aus dem Wasser.

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Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) adds to the water vital calcium and carbon dioxide. The habitat receives by buffering a stable pH range between 7.5 and 8.5 (decrease of pH fluctuations) by increasing the carbonate hardness (KH) value. pH values ​​above 8.5 and high pH fluctuations cause stress for animals and plants. Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) create optimal living conditions for flora and fauna in the water and increases its biological self-purification capacity. Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) supports the growth and proliferation of small animals which are algae-eating and eaten by fish, such as Daphnia and rotifers. For pollutant-degrading micro-organisms in optimal conditions in the pond and filters to be created.

a) type of application
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) has to be distributed evenly over the entire pond area that has not previously dissolved in water. A short-term turbidity of the water after the application is desired. A direct contact with the powder plant parts leads to short yellow spots. Filters and other systems can remain in operation.

b) Dosage
100 g
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) to 1,000 liters (= 1 cubic meter) of pond water.
In some special cases, however, a higher dosage is indicated. This is the case when the pH is above 9.5 in the early evening and / or the KH-value below 5 ° dH. Use to measure the pH and the KH value AquaCheck the case. After the measurement results can be read with the aid of the accompanyingtables are calculated accurately and necessary dosage.

c) Optimum application time
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) can be applied in any season. The most pressing Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) is used for treatment of rain, well or cistern water needs.
Based on the outstanding feature of Söll TeichFit®, we have developedthe product
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) to most effectively reduce pollutants andheavy metals in the water. Thus, it is particularly suitable for the treatment of rain water and well water, which frequently has insufficient alkalinity. Rain water is often very polluted water, as contained in the air pollutants are absorbed by the rain. Upon contact with the roof surface and the collecting ducts, othersubstances from getting through the reservoir into the garden pond. A positive side effect: Söll PondStarter reduces the corrosion of pipes and pumps.

d) the effect of restrictions
Is it in the pond a permanent source of acid or alkali to
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter) consumed faster because it must constantly work to make neutralization.After complete consumption of PondStarter is the pH value is no longer stable. Certain types of concrete or cement, which are sometimes used for building apond can make for a long time continuously leach into the pond water,thereby increasing the pH value greatly. Note: Söll PondStarter is soluble in water. When changing the water it is partially removed with the water from the pond and can not work anymore.

e) Interaction with other products
From the Söll Pond Care Program:
We recommend the use of Söll PondStarter one day before the application of Soll Soll AlgoSol AlgoSo ® or ® forte. The other products of Söll Pond Care program at any time, any place with
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter). Here are no known interactions.

f) Other pond care products:
If, after application of Söll PondStarter a prolonged cloudy or browndiscoloration of the water on, then this is probably due to the previous use of peat, humic substances and other pond conditioners. The occurring turbidity or color can be eliminated in most cases by use of activated oxygen Söll.

Package size:
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),250 g for 2.500 l
SKU so-15241
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),500 g for 5000 l
SKU so-12080
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),1 kg for 10.000 l
SKU so-10767
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),2,5 kg for 25.000 l
SKU so-10986
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),5 kg for 50.000 l
SKU so-10916
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),10 kg for 100.000 l
SKU so-10917
Söll Teichstarter (PondStarter),25 kg for 250.000 l
SKU so-12869
250 g
500 g
1.000 g
2,5 kg
5 kg
10 kg
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